GEO my WP and BuddyBoss Integration

Welcome to GEO my WP’s Demo site.

This demo site showcases the integration between GEO my WP plugin and the BuddyBoss theme. GEO my WP enhances the directory pages ( Members and Groups ) of the BuddyBoss theme with mapping and proximity search features.

Using GEO my WP you can also create custom Members and Groups proximity search forms and mashup maps that match​ the style and look of the BuddyBoss theme and place them on any page using a shortcode.

Check out some of the demo pages below ( you can also use the main menu to navigate ):

Logged In User

You can login here using the credentials below:

  • Username: demo
  • Password: demo

Once logged in, you can add and update your location using the Location Tab of GEO my WP and/or using the Location profile field. And you can add and update the location of your Groups using GEO my WP’s Location tab.

GEO my WP Proximity Search Forms And Mashup Maps

GEO my WP comes with a built-in forms builder out of the box. You can use the form builder to create advanced proximity search forms and mashup maps for members, groups, and posts. You can then place those forms on any page using a shortcode.

Use the links below to see some of the forms and maps generated using GEO my WP’s form builder:

Additional GEO my WP Demo Pages:

Additional Resources: